FAG Wheel Bearings

FAG Wheel BearingsThere are a number of safety critical components on a vehicle and one of the most important is wheel bearings. It is important that the best possible wheel bearings equipment is used in order to ensure the safe and reliable running of a vehicle and one of the safest manufacturers of wheel bearing equipment is the FAG Wheel Set. The world’s leading manufacturers choose FAG for their original equipment and this demonstrates that it is widely considered that FAG can be trusted to deliver the best and safest wheel bearings equipment.

The genuine FAG wheel bearings have been designed, tested and manufactured by FAG’s highly trained and qualified team to deliver the ultimate product in both safety and reliability to some of the world’s leading vehicle producers. One of the reasons that the FAG wheel bearings are so widely respected is their innovative Low Friction Torque (LFT) sealing technology that cuts bearing friction by 30%, and ultimately delivers a CO2 emission and fuel consumption reduction of over 1% to the vehicle producer.

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