GE12FO – INA Spherical Plain Bearing – 12x26x15mm

Brand: INA
Orriginal: Germany
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INA Spherical Plain Bearing

Dimensions (mm) Brand
d D B
12 26 15 INA Brand Logo
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Spherical bearings are used in countless applications, wherever rotational motion must be allowed to change the alignment of its rotation axis. A good example is the drive axle bearings of a vehicle control arm (or A-arm) suspension. The mechanics of the suspension allow the axle to move up and down (and the wheel to turn in order to steer the vehicle), and the axle bearings must allow the rotational axis of the axle to change without binding. While in practice, spherical bearings are not used here, it is a simple concept that illustrates a possible application of a spherical bearing. In fact, spherical bearings are used in smaller sub-components of this type of suspension, for example certain types of constant-velocity joints.
GE12FO – INA Spherical Plain Bearing – 12x26x15mm